Aaron Blecha

"What? Another Aaron ? Is that what it takes to make it in the world of zombie art today? Call yourself Aaron and your set?! No! No says I, I shall make a stand against this thing, right here right now!" Hey, no, cool your jets Daddy-o, stem that flow! I'm simply making my way through the list of current contributors, all alphabetty-spaghetti like. Your day will come Zeddy 'Zed' Zedd, your day will come.
Aaron is just too cool for words. He sent me this image (or versions of) a grand total of three times in all, just to make sure he was happy with what he was putting out there for the world. Far short of Kubrick in his vision, but thankfully leaps and bounds ahead of Ed 'CUT! PERFECT! PRINT IT!' Wood. Heck, i might even put all three versions up, just so we can have more Blecha goodness in the world.

Originally hailing from San Francisco (home of the Dirty Harry and the greatest of the Body Snatcher movies) but moved over here to the UK to be with his one true love. Awwwww...

He even did some extra zombies for EDGE magazine last year, which I shall put up here at a later stage, when all the current art has dried up. Until then you can always visit his site as well as his blog of goodness, which has some of his animation work up there. Now git!

Aaron Archer

Aaron was one of the first submissions to the Zombiedollars graveyard that shambled into my inbox completely unprovoked, as is always the case with these undead SoB's. One day your just visiting your mothers grave, freaking out your little sister with your oh so spoooky monster voice and then BAM! You're lunch!
I loved the power and energy he had here, channelling a little 21st century feral zombieness ala Dawn 2004 and 28 Days Later. Whats that you say? 28 Days Later isn't a zombie flick? Tell that to Aaron, it's his Zombie flick of choice you ingrates and if he says it's a zombie flick, it's a zombie flick! This man designs Transformers for a living, he knows his stuff so just STEP OFF!
I also love the little story he's telling here - the ring, the bite mark. Oh the humanity! That my friends, is good illustration.

If you want to see more of Aarons great work (and as the guy designs toys for a living what geek wouldn't), his home page can be visited by clicking on the name at the top of the post or via the list of contributors at the side of the page.

Dwayne Bell

To kick things off, I'm starting where the whole thing started, as that's always the best place to start, and that's with this piece by the fantastically talented Mr Dwayne Bell. This was the first piece of zombie art I received, and I loved it so much I thought 'Hey! Maybe other artists have zombie pics they want to share!' And they did. At my last count zombie art outnumbered zombie films by about fifty to one as far as quality is concerned, but still they keep coming. Why do they come? Because they're us. And we're them. Only now they're them too! And so are we!!
Mr Bell seems to have swapped his pencils for a bike these days and can oft be seen haring around the Scottish Borders, like Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider, but without the comedy teeth and cgi hair of the good Mr Cage!
Pop over to Dwaynes flickr page and between photos of a grown man cycling like a bastard amongst spectacular scenery you can catch a gander at more of his work. which is just as spectacular.