Ian Culbard

Ian is an incredibly talented UK illustrator and animator.  He currently seems to be working through the complete works of Sherlock Holmes, creating densley layered and faithful graphic novels every couple of days.  He currently also has an adaptation of 'At the Mountains of Madness' in the pipeline, and I for one can't wait to see what he produces.
As always, click his name to visit his fantastic blog, or just click here.

John Beauchemin

I love me some zombie GI!  I think it goes back to my formative years when House came along (the comedy horror, not the doctor show) with it's badass Big Ben character.  Combined with the awesomeness of 'Camouflage' riding the charts and GI's from beyond the grave where all the rage it seemed.  When Gomer Pile failed to rise from beyond and save the day at the end of Full Metal Jacket the following year, a nation wept at a missed opportunity.

John works in the video games industry and creates super sexy art that has a fantastic sixties counter culture underground comics flavour to it.  Unfortunately he doesn't get to update his blog too often, but there's still a beautiful back catalogue of his work which you can trawl through!  Check it out...

Travis Pitts

Travis Pitts is a legend among geeks and anyone familiar with his work knows why. is tee designs combine full on geek nostalgia with a fantastic eye for the craft of illustration.  He's recently been putting out alot of ubercool minimalist movie posters which move away from his traditional illustrative approach yet still rock like Buckaroo Banzai and the Hong Kong Cavaliers.  As you can see, this particular zombie is five years old now so is beginning to smell quite ripe, so I may have to ask the good Mr Pitts if he has something fresher on the slab.

Visit Travis' site here.

Munk One

MunkOne is an LA based artist who has more cool and outstanding zombie artwork than seems humanly possible.  He's worked for a vast wealth of clients and is as close to a rocknrolla as an illustrator can possibly get.  This piece, entitled Sarah, is just one of the many he has been kind enough to share with me and I put it here as it sit's very nicely alongside Mr Smarts own cute zombie girly.
Check out more of his work over at Munkone.com and prepare to feel incredibly uncool.