Army of Trolls

I have lost all the original correspondance with Gary, which kind of sucks as all I remember is he was a cool guy and had great taste in movies so here we go with the official bio from his fantastic website -

"Army of trolls is the London born, Switzerland based videogame obsessed artist Gary J Lucken. Working from his Computer surrounded by Japanese toys and piles of old 2D videogames Gary produces a unique brand of colourful artwork heavily influenced by the videogames, toys and pop culture he loves so much.

Gary has produced illustrations for Honda, Microsoft, Nestle, BBC as well as a whole host of magazines such as Edge, GQ, GamesTM, FHM, the Guardian.

Gary also creates videogame graphics for many clients, and even finds time to create games with fellow partner in crime Tomaz Kac which they publish under the name Black Cat."

Andrew Glazebrook

This is just one of several flesh eaters sent over by master of 3D and Teesside talen Andrew 'Humanoid' Glazebrook. Andrew always has some nice juicy work over at his art blog, but for a real treat I love his fun blog Be Still My Blog of War which is always packed with fun little articles to appease my inner geek.

He was also good enough to point me in the direction of Zombie Movie which I loved. No doubt I was behind the times in seeing this, but if by some chance you have never seen it check it out.

Andrew also wins extra zombiedollars for having the good taste of having Return of the Living Dead as his fave zombie flick. Good man!