Dwayne Bell

To kick things off, I'm starting where the whole thing started, as that's always the best place to start, and that's with this piece by the fantastically talented Mr Dwayne Bell. This was the first piece of zombie art I received, and I loved it so much I thought 'Hey! Maybe other artists have zombie pics they want to share!' And they did. At my last count zombie art outnumbered zombie films by about fifty to one as far as quality is concerned, but still they keep coming. Why do they come? Because they're us. And we're them. Only now they're them too! And so are we!!
Mr Bell seems to have swapped his pencils for a bike these days and can oft be seen haring around the Scottish Borders, like Nicolas Cage in Ghost Rider, but without the comedy teeth and cgi hair of the good Mr Cage!
Pop over to Dwaynes flickr page and between photos of a grown man cycling like a bastard amongst spectacular scenery you can catch a gander at more of his work. which is just as spectacular.

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