Aaron Archer

Aaron was one of the first submissions to the Zombiedollars graveyard that shambled into my inbox completely unprovoked, as is always the case with these undead SoB's. One day your just visiting your mothers grave, freaking out your little sister with your oh so spoooky monster voice and then BAM! You're lunch!
I loved the power and energy he had here, channelling a little 21st century feral zombieness ala Dawn 2004 and 28 Days Later. Whats that you say? 28 Days Later isn't a zombie flick? Tell that to Aaron, it's his Zombie flick of choice you ingrates and if he says it's a zombie flick, it's a zombie flick! This man designs Transformers for a living, he knows his stuff so just STEP OFF!
I also love the little story he's telling here - the ring, the bite mark. Oh the humanity! That my friends, is good illustration.

If you want to see more of Aarons great work (and as the guy designs toys for a living what geek wouldn't), his home page can be visited by clicking on the name at the top of the post or via the list of contributors at the side of the page.